Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crawling out of my hole . . .

I'm sending my novel, NASTY, back out into the world again. A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my history files in one of my email accounts, and I came across my rejection folder. I like to keep these, so I thought I'd go ahead and copy them all over to my hard drive. When I opened the folder, I noticed that there were only a couple of dozen rejections. What??? Clearly I got discouraged and quit. I must have also exaggerated the number in my mind. Only that many, and I quit?

So, I went back through the manuscript and did another edit, and now I'm sending out the queries again. It feels good to be back on the mean streets of publishing again. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I'm gearing up for the final push on my YA novel, and should have that done soon. I hate to commit to a date, but I'm shooting for the end of February.

So this blog was started with a look toward cleaning up some of the entropy in my life. I'm on my way . . . again. :)


  1. why not an end of january deadline? there's a brand new abna contest a-coming... :)

  2. Cute, Christine!

    Congrats on being back on track, Bret!

  3. My friend Dan and I were talking about what it takes to publish a book recently. We came to the concusion that we couldn't really say we had been rejected until we had several hudered rejections in our files. And each rejection just puts us closer to our acceptance/final published work. Keep your chin up, you will make it :-)